MFK Fisher Award for Excellence in Culinary Writing

The MFK Fisher Award, presented biennially in even-numbered years, honors Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher, a widely read and lauded culinary writer.

Before her death in 1992, MFK Fisher personally gave her permission to Les Dames d'Escoffier International to present an award in her name.

This award in now given to women writers whose published works reflect creativity and insight, and illuminate the pivotal roles of food, beverages, the arts of the table or contribute to our knowledge of those who grow, produce or prepare nourishment.

The entries should be nonfiction, and may include analytical pieces, autobiographical explorations - including reminiscences and personal experiences - and forays into culinary history.

Goals of the Award:

  • To honor the accomplishments of MFK Fisher and to showcase her contributions to gastronomy.
  • To give recognition to a woman who is engaged in significant culinary writing.
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M.F.K. Fisher Award Grand Prize Winners

2018 Grand Prize Winner: Elaine T. Cicora (CLICK HERE for list of recipients)
2017 Grand Prize Winner: Sandra Gutierrez
2016 Grand Prize Winner: Dianne Jacob
2015 Grand Prize Winner: Erin Byers-Murray
2014: Nina Mukerjee Furstenau
2012: Jess Thomson
2010: Natalie MacLean
2008: Louisa Kasdon
2006: Kitty Crider
2004: Andrea Immer 
2002: Mary Risley
2001: Shoba Narayan
2000: Katherine Mary Alex
1998: Barbara Haber
1996: Cathrine Sneed
1994: Deborah Madison
1992: Dr. Linda F. Bisson

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